Sightseeing flights and Ballooning

Give a voucher for a balloon ride or a sightseeing flight in the Alps and fulfil a dream you or your loved ones have longed for. A magnificent flight experience over the Kitzbühel Alps, whether in a sightseeing flight with the plane, the helicopter or in the hot air balloon.

These vouchers can be redeemed for ALL of our experiences (tandem skydiving, video/photo, sightseeing flights, balloon rides). They are available in 5 versions: 50.-€,100.-€, 150.-€, 200.-€ and 300.-€. You can also combine them.

Vouchers for all our products can also be sent to you by post in glossy format with a payment slip.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

Getting Bad or Getting Bad?

The most common reason for getting sick is that you have either eaten or drunk too much or too little beforehand. Some passengers get a little queasy during the parachute ride, but typically never during freefall. Your tandem master can fly the parachute either MILD or WILD; just let him know.

Address airport for my NAVI?

Our address is: Airfield St.Johann, Reitham 2, 6380 St. Johann. Caution! There are 5 different St.Johann in Austria. So take the one with TIROL !Caution! Some NAVIs send you to the town and not to the airfield. So please have a look at the map. But every guest has found us so far ..... and PLEASE - better arrive too early than too late.