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Tandemskydive impressions from the skydiving world. Between heaven and earth, above the Wilder Kaiser mountains in Tyrol. Over the years we have seen countless beautiful nature shots and faces full of enthusiasm and endorphin while skydiving. We try to show you a few of them here.

Milestone of camera technology in tandem skydiving sport Handycam Video and Photos

In 2004 we were instrumental in making this new film system for tandem skydiving possible and safe. Here is a snapshot, Freddy together with Hollywood star Preity Zinta (Miss Bollywood) in New Zealand.

Photo: with Flori Naschberger

"You don't remember days in life, but moments, special moments. That's what life is all about. And we archive these moments for you on pictures to keep them alive" - F. Skymax

Hollywood Star Hayden Panettiere

From Los Angeles to St.Johann in Tirol. The actress and "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere came to " overcome fears". However, there was no trace of it. Absolutely cool and relaxed, she entrusted herself to Despina and Freddy for a tandem skydive over the Kitzbühel Alps.

Fritz Sdunek the "Master Maker" the "Master Maker"

Despina has philosophized with him a few times and fondly remembers great conversations with Fritz. It was a very special pleasure for us to go up in the air with him. He needed several attempts and the enthusiasm of the boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko (11 tandem skydive with Freddy) to dare the step outside with Freddy. You can read the fun factor in the face of the professional boxing trainer in the photo. He wanted to come again with his niece for a tandem skydive, but unfortunately it was not granted to him. He will remain unforgettable.

Two pro`s step on the gas ...

The boxing world champion and mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and parachute world record holder Freddy Hofmayer, with minimum 200km/h through the air. The two friends have now made 11 tandem skydives together. The Klitschko family has been one of our regular customers for years and you can often meet them at the Tandem Dropzone in St. Johann in Tyrol.

What do you see with us...? Mountains, glaciers and valleys ...

... from the Grossglockner over Innsbrucker Land, over the Hintertux glaciers to Zugspitze in Bavaria. Over Rosenheim to the outskirts of Munich and past Lake Chiemsee, the view sweeps over the city of Salzburg over the Watzmann to the Hochkönig behind the Leoganger Steinbergen. (Picture: Sarah "Tirolerin" Magazine)

"... and into the sky to loose my mind and find my soul" - Despina Benjamin

Daniel Prantl - Markus Unterladstätter - Michael Ringler JUZI - The "Jungen Zillertaler Musiknten"

Daniel Prantl and his boys from the Junge Zillertalern visited us for a tandem skydive. Lust for life and power fun, as they are used to in their music. Cool and hearty guys!

"Don't let the experience take away your feathers. Remember your wings, spread them, and feel the wind beneath the tips of your wings." - F. Skymax

"Tandem Skydiving is about finding things and feelings inside of you, things you didn't know you were looking for," - F. Skymax

Halfway around the world as a tandem skydive passenger ...

In many years we have made 14 tandem skydives together with Bernd in the Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia and Austria. He himself was an enthusiastic paraglider pilot. After a long illness he is now back with his beloved Rosa. You will always fly with us in our hearts Bernd.

Sepp Maier 95 years young at heart, from Kirchdorf. A sport ace of the old school and incredible guy.

(7 tandem skydives with Bestskydive Tirol)

Alpha Bethersfield 97 years from Turangi, New Zealand. A cigarette and a shot every day was her motto. She had 4 tandem skydives with Freddy and knitted him warm socks for the winter.

NFL Football Superstar Joe Montana QB

The US colleagues have "turned the wheel" when the American NFL superstar Joe Montana got on the plane together with the tandem guru Freddy. In the USA Joe Montana is a legend in American football. He won the Super Bowl 3 times with the "San Francisco 49ers".

"Lets get out there ... and Kick the Sun"

Photo: Andy Godfrey (at TTS)