Price list Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydive (only jump)

289,- EUR

Tandem Skydive with approx. 200 photos

359,- EUR

Tandem Skydive with video (Movie USB)

399,- EUR

Tandem Skydive with video+photo package


Helicopter Tandem Skydive inclusiv video+photo package

450,- EUR

from 95kg weight surcharge on site

50,- EUR

Tandem Skydive

These vouchers can be used for ALL of our offered experiences (tandem skydiving, video/photo).

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It's unbelievable! Pure nature for the 7th time

- Sepp Maier (95 from Kirchdorf in Tirol)

"The team around Despina does a super mega awesome job. I have never felt so safe anywhere as with the team. I can really recommend them very highly, also Hermann who is a very cool guy as a pilot."

- Daniel M.

FAQs - Questions and Answers

Procedure of a tandem skydive in Tyrol?

How does it work? There there is no stress or hectic and we do not sit with you on a farm meadow not on a farmer's meadow but in a beautiful ambience between the mountains between the mountains of Tyrol. Approximately 2 - 3 hours you need from your arrival to your departure. After a 15 minute video briefing you will be dressed by your tandemmaster and it goes off in the plane. During the 20 minute climb to approx. 3.500 m above the the Kitzbühel Alps, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic enjoy the fantastic mountain panorama. After the 40 sec freefall and about 8 min paragliding, you will land again again directly at the starting point. At the end you will receive an experience certificate as a souvenir.

Weather too bad for skydiving?

Rain and storm? Skydivers are by nature optimistic and tend to make NOT JUMPING not to depend only on the weather forecast. We do not jump in rain, low cloud cover, or high or turbulent wind speeds. turbulent wind speeds. However, we often jump in partly cloudy partly cloudy skies, which is always spectacular over the mountains. We always ask you to check in with us the afternoon or evening before your before your tandem skydiving appointment. With a high probability we know what the weather will be like the next day. If necessary we can make a new appointment if the weather is NOT suitable.