Sportliches Fallschirm Abenteuer über den Kitzbüheler Alpen in St. Johann Tirol auch mit Rollstuhl

Tandem Skydiving

"This is how fun goes!"

Servus and Grüß Gott at the air sports tandem skydiving in St. Johann Tirol. Every year we welcome over a thousand tandem skydivers, parachutists and air sports enthusiasts to our airfield. Between South Tyrol and Bavaria we are nestled in the heart of Tyrol at the Kitzbühel Alps.

Wir möchten Dir den Fallschirmsport näher bringen und Begeisterung für unser luftiges Abenteuer in Dir wecken. Wir fördern aktive Springer und geben unser Wissen und die Freude am Fliegen und Fallen an sie weiter. Wir wissen dass wir nicht die billigsten sind und wir wollen es auch nicht sein. Wir wollen für alle unsere Mitglieder, Gäste und Freunde das beste Preis- Leistungsverhältnis bieten, das man finden kann!


Der Boxweltmeister spricht mit Freddy über das erste Mal !

Das sagen die Tandem Gäste über uns!

"From the first phone call, arrival, briefing, flight, jump, landing, video and cozy coffee afterwards with the team just perfect. Thank you for such a great quality service experience from such a nice little team. Worth every euro!"

- Lars E.

"I felt safe and well taken care of from the beginning, so my excitement quickly subsided. The flight over the snow-covered mountains was breathtaking and the tandem skydiving was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. This feeling cannot be put into words. I was hooked, I will be back. Thank you Despina and team!!!"

- Sabine S.

"Fantastic experience in beautiful surroundings! Freddy & team convince with great professionalism, safety and fun. Anytime gladly again - an unforgettable experience!"

- Lennart B.

"Dear Freddy and team, thank you very much, a lifelong dream came true today and was even exceeded. With the fantastic video, I relive the flight over and over again. It was first class and we will see you again!!!"

- Sabine

"It was a birthday present for my big son and I can only say one thing, it was a mega success and Freddy with his team were world class. Anytime again."

- Michael P.

"Many thanks to Freddy and his team: It was an incredibly great experience! We just felt super comfortable from the welcome. The flight and of course the tandem skydive was incredible!!! Thank you so much for a very successful honeymoon highlight and will gladly recommend you to others."

- Nadine and Tim

"The team around Despina does a super mega great job. I have never felt so safe anywhere as with the team. I can really recommend them, also Hermann, who is a very cool guy as a pilot."

- Daniel M.

"Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience. I felt very well taken care of and it was perfectly organized. It was indescribable and I can only recommend you."

- Clarissa F.

"Absolutely recommendable! You get a detailed briefing, there is no stress or rush and the tandem skydive is just world class!!!! Would do it again with the air sports team anytime."

- Jenny R.

"We have jumped 2 times now and would do it again and again! Super nice, family team with a lot of fun and a lot of experience!"

- Hanime B.


Und die anderen Stars!

- Hollywood SUPERSTAR - Preity G Zinta (Miss Bollywood) zusammen mit Freddy beim Tandemsprung. Bestskydive Tirolk ist bei Weltstars ein Begriff und wird gerne von ihnen in St. Johann Tirol besucht.

"You showed me the way to heaven, thanks Freddy"

- Hollywood SUPERSTAR - Preity G Zinta (Miss Bollywood)
Zwei Profis geben Gas! Freddy und Vitali Klitschko, zusammen 12 Tandemsprünge bei Bestfallschirm Tirol über St. Johann

Two professionals step on the gas! Freddy and Vitali Klitschko, together 12 tandem skydives. Vitali has meanwhile made his skydiving license.

Vitali Klitschko

"Freddy, I crafted you socks for the winter" - 3 tandem jumps with Freddy

- Alpha Bethersfield + - at 97, Alpha is our oldest passenger.
– Wladimir Klitschko - Boxweltmeister, Business Man, Helikopterpilot und Stammgast bei Bestskydive Tirol in den Bergen über St. Johann beim Fallschirmspringen. Power PUR mit Bestskydive in St. Johann Tirol - dieses Gefühl wirst Du nie mehr vergessen!

Power PUR with Bestskydive in St. Johann Tirol - you will never forget this feeling!

- Wladimir Klitschko - boxing world champion and helicopter pilot

Thanks Freddy for taking care of me and my family - next time with you again !

- Joe Montana - 3 times Super Bowl winner NFL Legend
Bei Bestskydive Tirol in St. Johann da geht der Sepp Maier des öfteren zum Fallschirmspringen. Beim Tandemsprung holt er sich seinen Kick und genießt die Aussicht beim Sprung.

It is unbelievable! 7 times he was with us the Sepp. We will never forget him.

- Sepp Maier (95) from Kirchdorf (t)

"You don`t get rid of me anymore Freddy"

- Hayden Panettiere - Hollywood SUPERTAR - "Scream" - "Nashville" and "Heroes"