Skydiving Media Gallery

From the skydiving world. Between heaven and earth, above the Wilder Kaiser mountains in Tyrol. Countless beautiful nature shots and faces full of enthusiasm and endorphin during skydiving we have seen over the years. We try to show you a few of them here.

Handycam video and photos
Milestone of camera technology in air sports

In 2004 we were instrumental in making this new film system for tandem skydiving possible and safe. Here is a snapshot, Freddy together with Hollywood star Preity Zinta (Miss Bollywood) in New Zealand.

Hollywood Star
Hayden Panettiere

From Los Angeles to St.Johann in Tirol. The actress and "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere came to "overcome fears". However, there was no trace of it. Absolutely cool and relaxed, she entrusted herself to Despina and Freddy for a tandem jump over the Kitzbühel Alps.

the "master maker
Fritz Sdunek

Despina has philosophized with him a few times and fondly remembers great conversations with Fritz. It was a very special pleasure to take to the air with him. He needed several attempts and the enthusiasm of the boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko (12 tandems with Freddy) to dare the step outside with Freddy. You can read the fun factor in the face of the professional boxing trainer in the photo. He wanted to come again with his niece to the tandem jumping, but unfortunately it was not granted to him. He will remain unforgettable.

Two professionals step on the gas ...
Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko

The boxing world champions, manager Wladimir Klitschko and Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko with parachute world record holder Freddy Hofmayer. Minimum 200km/h through the air. The two brothers have made a total of 18 tandems together with us. Meanwhile Wladimir and Vitali jump solo. The Klitschko family has been one of our regular customers for years and you can often meet them at the air sports club at the airfield in St. Johann in Tyrol.

Daniel Prantl - Markus Unterladstätter - Michael Ringler
JUZI - The Young Zillertal Musicians

Daniel Prantl and his boys from the Junge Zillertalern visited us for skydiving at the club airfield. Lust for life and power fun, as they are used to in their music. Cool and hearty lads!

our oldest friend ...
Sepp Mair 95 years

He was an original from Kirchdorf. A sports ace of the old school and incredible guy. We will never forget you!

(7 tandems with Bestskydive Tirol)

Bei Bestskydive Tirol in St. Johann da geht der Sepp Maier des öfteren zum Fallschirmspringen. Beim Tandemsprung holt er sich seinen Kick und genießt die Aussicht beim Sprung.
Bei bestfallschirm Tirol in St. Johann da ist der 95 jährige Sepp Maier gut aufgehoben. Er genießt die Schirmfahrt über den Kitzbüheler Alpen bereits zum 7 ten mal mit dem Fallschirmspring Profi Freddy Hofmayer

Our oldest lady
Alpha Bethersfield 97 years

She was from Turangi, New Zealand. Every day a cigarette and a schnapps, that was her motto. She had 4 tandems with Freddy and knitted him warm socks for the winter.

NFL Football Superstar
Joe Montana QB

The US colleagues "turned the wheel" when the American NFL superstar Joe Montana got on the plane together with the tandem guru Freddy. In the USA Joe Montana is a legend in American football. He won the Super Bowl 3 times with the "San Francisco 49ers".

Ski world champion
Marlies Raich (Shield)

The Austrian Ski Ace shot a one-hour documentary for "Land of the Mountains" 2023 about the home and their birthplace from the point of view with the eagles Hermann and Freddy.

Gymnastics world champion
Eberhard Gienger "Ebse"

The two here know each other very well. Together they have spent several weeks in the perpetual ice at the North Pole and in Siberia. The two have also been involved in "Wetten Daß?" with Thomas Gottschalk and some ZDF "Sommergarten".