Tandem Skydiving in South Tyrol Italy

Tandem Skydiving for South Tyroleans

South Tyrol skydiving with alpine flight

Tandem skydiving for the flight-enthusiastic South Tyroleans. Years ago, the country town of Bolzano in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol was an "Eldorado" for skydiving. Unfortunately, that is over in South Tyrol today. That's why more and more South Tyroleans from Bolzano, Merano, Trento or Vipiteno have visited us for tandem skydiving here in St. Johann Tyrol in Austria in the last few years. The tandem skydiving airfield is located directly on the outskirts of the market town of St. Johann and can be reached in about 2 hours by car from the South Tyrolean capital of Bolzano via Innsbruck. In St. Johann Tyrol, tandem parachute jumps from airplanes and helicopters are offered daily throughout the year, summer and winter. This is the last tandem skydiving site in Tyrol that is open all year round. That's why you can easily get a tandem skydive appointment at short notice. The alpine panorama is also breathtaking as we are stationed in the middle of the Kitzbüheler Alps.

Skydiving as a South Tyrolean tandem skydiving passenger, you are right here and it is absolutely worth the journey.

Power PUR with Bestskydive in St. Johann Tirol - you will never forget this feeling!

- Wladimir Klitschko - boxing world champion, business man, helicopter pilot and regular guest

We greet South Tyrol from St. Johann Tyrol

Every year we welcome over a thousand tandem skydiving passengers at the airfield. Between South Tyrol and Bavaria we are embedded in the heart of Tyrol at the Kitzbüheler Alps. The market town of St. Johann in Tirol, with a population of just under 10,000, invites you to take part in many other activities and events in addition to skydiving. We are looking forward to taking you as our tandem guest to an unforgettable experience here in the mountains.

- Freddy Hofmayer (CEO)

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This value voucher can be redeemed for ALL experiences offered by us (tandem jumping, video/photo, sightseeing flights, balloon rides). It is available in 5 versions: 50.-€,100.-€, 150.-€, 200.-€ and 300.-€. You can also combine them. Vouchers and vouchers for all our products can also be sent to you by post in glossy format with a payment slip.

" Freddy, I crafted you socks for the winter" - 3 tandem skydives with Freddy in New Zealand

- Alpha Bethersfield + - at 97, Alpha was our oldest passenger.

Bestskydive Tirol is characterized by almost 40 years of experience in skydiving and tandem skydiving. Highest quality and safety standards, passion and dedication with the love of the air and nature, make us known far beyond the borders of Europe.

"The team around Despina does a super mega awesome job. I have never felt so safe anywhere as with the team. I can really recommend them very highly, also Hermann who is a very cool guy as a pilot."

- Daniel M.

"Thank you for this unforgettable experience. I felt very well taken care of and it was perfectly organized. It was indescribable and I can only recommend you."

- Clarissa F.

"Absolutely recommendable! You get a detailed briefing, there is no stress or rush and the jump is just world class!!! Would do it again anytime with Bestskydive."

- Jenny R.

"Felt safe and well looked after from the start so my excitement quickly faded away. The flight over the snow-covered mountains was breathtaking and the tandem skydive was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. This feeling cannot be put into words. I was hooked, I will come back again. Thank you Despina and team!!!"

- Sabine S.