Meet the Team Welcome to the Club - Air Sports Club Tandem Parachute St. Johann

The team Despina Benjamin, Freddy Hofmayer, Tamir Dayan, Mike Hitchcock and Hermann Naschberger. Heavenly dogs, a bunch of crazy, insane, tired of life and totally insane guys. That's how they like to be called.

However, if you have ever visited the tandem skydiving team at the St. Johann in Tirol airfield, you will find that they are a fun-loving, serious and friendly bunch who share a love and passion for air.

Despina Benjamin

Despina has been with BESTSKYDIVE TIROL in St. Johann from the very beginning. With her experience as a skydiver and extensive knowledge of air sports, she is indispensable for the tandem jump team. She always knows how to keep her little and very big boys positively on their toes and is an organisational talent. She loves YOGA and her second home New Zealand. Our tandem jump passengers and we love her for her warm, reliable and professional zest for life.

Cy Elijah Benjamin

Cy is currently doing a multi-year training in the "kids work program" to become a skydiving parachute packer. Here looping lines with dad Freddy.

Drums and piano, backflip specialist, skateboard and snowboard specialist, jumps 0 (but due soon).

Hermann "Nash" Naschberger

A Tyrolean original and sunnyboy. With over 5,000 flying hours dropping tandem skydivers, he knows every mountain peak between Grossglockner and the Wilder Kaiser. A widely known and sought-after flying professional with a lot of heart and humour because of his flying experience. There has not been a day in the 17 years that Nash has been in the plane with Freddy that they have not laughed themselves silly together with the passenger, as you can see in the picture. Hermann also makes and organizes the sightseeing flights with his Cessna 182.

5,000 flying hours as a tandem jump drop pilot and aircraft maintainer, alpine sightseeing flight specialist

Tamir Dayan

Together with Mike and Freddy, the Israeli-born skydiver sits in the plane. He has worked at several tandem skydiving sites around the world and is one of the most talented and best in the sport. The likeable Tyrolean by choice is a linguistic talent and loves music and his dog (now our Dropzone dog) Mali. In his free time he grabs his wingsuit and jumps from the "Fleischbank" at the Wilder Kaiser, the "Drachenwand" or from the Dolomite peaks.

Tandemmaster and basejumper, wingsuit pro and parachute stunt double.

Christian Cassini di Muro

An "old hand" in the tandem business from Argentina with Spanish passport. Joined us this summer and has enriched the team with his expertise and humor.

Augusto "Kiki

At the age of fifteen, Augusto has already made his skydiving license. For ten years, Kiki has been skydiving around the world with his wife Daiana. From Shanghai in China to Wanaka in New Zealand.

Also as a freefall cameraman he shines with his flying skills and is an enrichment for our team here in St. Johann.

Mike Hitchcock

Tandem skydiving instructor Mike has been a part of the BESTSKYDIVE TIROL team for 2 years and has his roots in England. The last few years he has also kept his nose out of the plane at various skydiving places. For the season 2021 he got a professional contract in a wingsuit team. That's why he won't be here with us so often anymore.

A master of his craft and a fun guy, who even thinks about putting on his suit over his t-shirt in the winter. We are proud that you enrich our team !

Tandemaster and Basejumper, Wingsuit Pro and Parachute Stunt Double

Florian Maier

As a Learjet private pilot, the flight instructor normally flies VIPs and rock stars from Vienna to anywhere. However, the St. Johanner often helps us out when his schedule allows it and Nash needs him. Flying is his life and it is great to have a professional like him in the team.

Jet pilot and flight instructor, great guy and "cool sock".

John Judy

Mr. John is our "American St. Johanner". Over 18,000 jumps and an airliner pilot in his main profession. In his spare time he enjoys being at the dropzone with his wife and child, jumping out of a fully intact airplane with us and you.