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For special occasions

Our Dropzone site in Austria with great beer garden and a great children's playground, is the ideal place to celebrate with the whole family or that special day (dogs are also welcome). With a tandem jump gift voucher you make this experience unforgettable.

  • Tandem Skydive for confirmation
  • Proposal of marriage by tandem skydiving
  • Birthday present
  • Airy company celebration by skydiving
  • Company outing in free fall

"Many thanks to Freddy and his team: It was an incredibly great experience! We just felt super comfortable from the greeting on. The flight and of course the tandem skydiving was amazing!!! Thank you for a very successful honeymoon highlight and recommend you gladly."

- Best wishes to Tirol, Nadine and Tim

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

Tandem Skydiving - The special gift idea with movement in Tirol

Skydiving minimum 200km/h in freefall over the Kitzbühel Alps. The bachelors have a spectacular time at the farewell party with tandem skydiving. Many a best man jumps or flies with the "groom" and has the fun of his life. Whether from Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich, a tandem skydive here in Tyrol is always a special gift idea with movement and adrenaline.

Team building Skydive

Company event

Company action events such as joint parachute tandem skydiving promote team building and weld employees closer together. Jürgen Höller, Europe's No. 1 motivational trainer, recognized many years ago that tandem skydiving is a top management tool. Together with him and his ACADEMY we have organized several tandem skydive events in Austria and Bavaria.

We will be happy to advise you.

Thanks Freddy for taking care of me and my family - next time with you again !

- Joe Montana - 3 times Super Bowl winner NFL Legend

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

Top of the Alps

FAQs - Questions and Answers

Eyeglass and contact lens wearers to tandem skydiving, now what?

Visual aid. Of course you should be able to see your tandem skydive optically. We have special overglasses that guarantee a secure hold and protection over your over your glasses. So no problem. Contact lenses are also good, but let your tandemmaster know, then he will let you wear your jumping goggles on for the parachute ride. If for any reason a contact lens reason a contact lens should fall out, then it is usually on the inside of the inside the goggles and can be reinserted after landing. can be put back in after landing.

Previous experience for a tandem skydive?

Special previous knowledge is not necessary.