Innsbruck Tandemskydiving

Innsbruck's tandem skydiving guests can no longer tandem jump in Innsbruck or the surrounding area of the Tyrolean capital. This is still offered by various Innsbruck skydive companies in Tyrol, but regular tandem skydiving operations are no longer possible due to the airport and its regulations in Innsbruck. By the way, this also applies to Radfeld / Kundl. So BEWARE Innsbrucker`s when buying a gift voucher for the Innsbruck area! But there is an excellent solution!

The only regular tandem skydiving operation in Tyrol is located just 1 hour northeast of Innsbruck in St. Johann in Tirol in the district of Kitzbühel. It specialised in tandem skydiving, has almost 40 years of accident-free skydiving experience and is therefore an excellent place for Innsbruckers of all ages to go tandem skydiving. There is tandem skydiving every day, summer and winter. This makes it very easy to make an appointment, even at short notice. BESTSKYDIVE TIROL in St. Johann is easy to reach via the motorway or main road coming from Innsbruck.

Power PUR with Bestskydive in St. Johann Tirol - you will never forget this feeling!

- Wladimir Klitschko - boxing world champion, business man, helicopter pilot and regular guest

Hello and welcome to Bestskydive Tirol in St. Johann.

Every year we welcome over a thousand tandem skydiving passengers at the airfield. Between South Tyrol and Bavaria we are embedded in the heart of Tyrol at the Kitzbühel Alps. The market town of St. Johann in Tirol, with a population of just under 10,000, invites you to take part in many other activities and events in addition to skydiving. We are looking forward to taking you as our tandem guest to an unforgettable experience here in the mountains.

- Freddy Hofmayer (CEO)

Here our Tandemskydive options

For the Unentschlossenen

This value voucher can be redeemed for ALL experiences offered by us (tandem jumping, video/photo, sightseeing flights, balloon rides). It is available in 5 versions: 50.-€,100.-€, 150.-€, 200.-€ and 300.-€. You can also combine them. Vouchers and vouchers for all our products can also be sent to you by post in glossy format with a payment slip.

Two professionals step on the gas! Freddy and Vitali Klitschko, together 11 tandem skydives.

- Vitali Klitschko - boxing world champion and mayor of Kiev (Ukraine)

Here in St. Johann Tyrol you will experience the ultimate thrill and adrenaline kick during your tandem jump. Let yourself be gifted with a mix of excitement and breathtaking nature experience over one of the most beautiful tandem skydiving places in Austria. This fantastic tandem experience is also available as a gift voucher at Bestskydive Tirol.

"From the first phone call, arrival, briefing, flight, jump, landing, video and cozy coffee afterwards with the team just perfect. Thanks for such an awesome experience in service quality from such a nice little team. Worth every euro!"

- Lars E.