Please pay special attention to the following information (commonly called AGBs). We assume that by booking one of our services, you have read this sheet carefully, understood and accepted the terms and conditions listed therein .

And point out the importance of these notes. So:

1. conditions/ principles of transportation

Tandem skydiving is not considered as a service by the legislator (here:the commissioner German Skydiving Federation/DFV), but as a promotion of young people! The DFV recommends not to take tandem passengers younger than 7 years - from experience we would like to see a minimum height of 1,40 m and a minimum age of 10.

There is no maximum age as long as there is average good health. In cases of doubt we recommend an examination by the family doctor. The same of course applies to disabilities - some things work, but many things don't. Basically, the safe execution of the jump must be guaranteed. For tandem jumps in particular, a maximum weight of 100 kg (in healthy proportion to body size) applies, provided that favourable conditions and the availability of suitably strong tandem pilots allow this and that the maximum permissible total weight for the main and reserve parachutes and the harnesses is not exceeded. We assume a minimum of mobility. It is always the tandem pilot on site who decides whether or not to take a paraglider along, as he or she is also responsible!

2. groups

Everybody who registers more persons than only himself takes over the obligation to pass on the information provided by us to the other participants. And don't forget your companion or the spectators in your group who are not jumping with you: Experience shows that they are more excited than the person "jumping" - but of course spectators are always welcome on site!

3. time approach

"To plan is to substitute error for chance"-that's a nice saying. Strangely enough, this is nowhere as true as in aviation. To prevent this basic law from overtaking us time and again, we must have time; in other words, you must bring time with you. Please reckon with half a day - of course it will usually be much shorter and only take a few hours. But you should not rely on this. Therefore, please do not make any plans before or after the meeting that could affect your or our flexibility.

4. insurances

Our air sports equipment is subject to European and German aviation law and is therefore insured as follows:

Passenger liability over 1,000,000€ (personal injury).

Even parachuting is considered by the highest court as a non-dangerous sport (various judgements, e.g. LArbGer Berlin of 3.7.69, AZ 5 Sa 57/68). Those who wish to insure themselves beyond the insurance policies taken out can do so privately and at their own expense.

5. participants with vouchers from agencies, internet portals, travel agencies etc.

Depending on the agency, different procedures apply regarding the redemption of such vouchers with us.

6. validity, refund

We want our tickets to be redeemed - if not immediately, then at some point. Therefore we do not pay out tickets/payment vouchers in any case. Tickets and deposit slips are valid for a maximum of 2 years and are freely transferable (please advise). After 2 years from the date of issue we reserve the right to charge for any price increases, after extensions we will charge a cost contribution.

7. cancellations

Only we or the service providers and pilots are authorized to cancel flights due to bad weather. We have access to quite reliable forecasts, which also take into account local peculiarities and often have little in common with the weather report on the radio. Don't worry: We don't take to the air in bad weather and we try to avoid tailor-made flights as much as possible (e.g. the official requirements concerning "legal jumping weather" are quite strict). Nevertheless, we are not liable for any costs incurred or otherwise. Furthermore, the following always applies: Your and our safety has absolute priority!

8. jump/start and take-off preparations and procedure on site

Please prepare yourself well: Refrain from alcohol the night before, be well rested and have a proper breakfast - you will get more out of it. Please bring your ticket/payment receipts with you! The allocation of flights is the responsibility of the organisational staff on site - exclusively. Of course, your wishes - as far as possible - will be taken into account.

9. freefall videos and photos

Among other things, the willingness / ability of a tandem passenger to cooperate is decisive for the freefall video and / or photos will be something or you can recognize something.

Carrying your own cameras is prohibited and is forbidden for safety reasons.

10. everything you can do with us takes place "outside"!

Normally we land on a designated landing area. From its edge you are usually allowed to take pictures. Exceptions confirm this rule and do not entitle to any reductions or recourse claims. The same applies to the rare case of opening a reserve parachute during a tandem jump: As is well known, we have 2 parachutes with us and if the tandem pilot thinks he has to drop a misopened main parachute and open the reserve parachute, he does it without asking the passenger beforehand. Everyone is then happy about two crates of beer J

In the organization of air sports events one is dependent on all kinds of preliminary services of others and releases of third parties, which are beyond our influence (air traffic control, authorities, place holders, aircraft owners, etc). For all these and other services (or non-services) of third parties we cannot do anything and consequently we are not liable for them. There is an obligation to accept the general terms and conditions of any third party. Should any provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and/or the contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Rather, a substitute provision shall apply in place of any invalid provision or at least one that comes close. The same applies to incompleteness.

11. transportation in St.Johann Tirol (special feature)

It is expressly pointed out that in the amount accepted by us for the tandem jump the transportation by airplane, including fuel and landing fees with a price of 140.-€ is already contained.

We accept this amount in the name and on account of the company "World Emotion GmbH, Zollhäuslstraße 11, 83395 Freilassing", which carries out this transport service. The contractual partner for this transport service is therefore World Emotion GmbH.

12. closing words

In conclusion, let us state that we do not want to "vilify" you in any way with these lines. We just want to avoid the impression that you can queue up for a tandem jump like for a roller coaster. Because: You will be surprised after your jump how smoothly everything went. Better that way than the other way around. Should you come across cheaper offers, be careful that they are not "cheap offers". Our prices are already cost prices and those who want to be particularly cheap in aviation may save on your safety. We do not do that.

In this sense we wish you and us all the time "Blue sky and soft landings" - Bestskydive Tirol GmbH