Tandem skydive helicopter + video + photos

€549,00 EUR €480,00 EUR


Your tandem skydive and helicopter flight with the ECUREIL BS350 in one! After a spectacular 10-minute helicopter flight you will jump with your professional tandem master from approx. 3500m above the Kitzbühel Alps. The acceleration in free fall from 0km/h to 200km/h in 8 seconds. More adrenaline is not possible. With our GoPros we film your PERSONAL skydive and you get a finished helicopter tandem jump movie to take away on USB. We upload your Heli Tandem then if desired immediately on our own parachute YouTube channel. Then you can watch and share your tandem jump experience immediately. 200 - 300 photos are also included. We take these with a second GoPro.

from Luftsport Förderverein St. Johann Tirol.


This applies ONLY to tandem skydiving!

We explicitly point out that we have a weight limit of 95kg, in exceptions after prior consultation, up to 105kg.

From 95kg we charge a weight surcharge. See also our AGB`s.

Do I have to bring?

Voucher (if available), Comfortable sneakers (No mountain boots), BUFF (mouth guard), in summer T-shirt - shorts, in winter long underwear - sweater and jacket.

This is ONLY valid for tandem skydiving!

Suit, cap, goggles and if necessary Buff are available from us at the jump site.


Tandem skydiving all year round?

We jump DAILY and are therefore the ONLY ones in Austria who are in the air in all 4 seasons throughout the year.

Weather too bad for skydiving?

Rain and storm? Skydivers are by nature optimistic and tend to make NOT JUMPING not to depend only on the weather forecast. We do not jump in rain, low cloud cover, or high or turbulent wind speeds. turbulent wind speeds. However, we often jump in partly cloudy partly cloudy skies, which is always spectacular over the mountains. We always ask you to check in with us the afternoon or evening before your before your tandem skydiving appointment. With a high probability we know what the weather will be like the next day. If necessary we can make a new appointment if the weather is NOT suitable.

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