Tandem Skydiving in the Radfeld area

Tandem skydiving has become difficult in the Tyrolean Inn valley, especially in Radfeld / Kundl. The regulated Radfeld skydiving is almost no longer possible there. In the community of Radfeld / Kundl with its 3000 inhabitants, tandem skydiving is only allowed on 3 weekends in the whole year. The citizens of Radfeld and the surrounding area of Radfeld / Kundl are fighting against the immense aircraft noise that is now in the Inn valley.

Radfelder / Kundler, what can we do??? We have the optimal tandem jump solution!!!

Only 25 minutes east of Radfeld lies St. Johann in Tirol for tandem jumping for Radfelder and Radfelderinnen excellently suitable and easy over the highway of Wörgl / Ellmau coming attainable. There at Bestskydive Tirol tandem parachute jumping takes place DAILY all year round.

The alpine panorama could not be better for a tandem parachute jump or a sightseeing flight than 3.500m above the Kitzbühel Alps. On nice days you can look out over the Radfeld/Kundl region and the Inn valley. We are very happy to welcome guests from Kundl, Radfeld, the entire Inn Valley and the surrounding area. Treat yourself to a trip to the foot of the Wilder Kaiser, take your loved ones with you and enjoy a few hours of tandem jump adrenaline with us in St. Johann Tirol.

Tandem (Flyer)289,-€
Tandem (Flyer) with photos 359,-€
Tandem (Flyer) with video 399,-€
Tandem (Flyer) with video and photo package 419,-€
Tandem(HELICOPTER) including video and photo package480,-€

Gewichtszuschlag ab 90,1kg bei allen Variationen 50,-€, ab 100,1kg 80,-€ vor Ort !

In addition to our experiences, there are also value tickets. These value tickets can be redeemed for ALL experiences (solo skydiving, tandem jumping, video/photo). They are available in 5 versions: 50.-€,100.-€, 150.-€, 200.-€ and 300.-€. You can also combine them. We can also send you value tickets as a gift by mail in glossy format with payment slip.