Questions and answers about tandem skydiving, sightseeing flights and ballooning in the mountains of St. Johann in Tirol.

Procedure of a tandem skydive in Tyrol?

How does it work? There there is no stress or hectic and we do not sit with you on a farm meadow not on a farmer's meadow but in a beautiful ambience between the mountains between the mountains of Tyrol. Approximately 2 - 3 hours you need from your arrival to your departure. After a 15 minute video briefing you will be dressed by your tandemmaster and it goes off in the plane. During the 20 minute climb to approx. 3.500 m above the the Kitzbühel Alps, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic enjoy the fantastic mountain panorama. After the 40 sec freefall and about 8 min paragliding, you will land again again directly at the starting point. At the end you will receive an experience certificate as a souvenir.

Address airport for my NAVI?

Our address is: Airfield St.Johann, Reitham 2, 6380 St. Johann. Caution! There are 5 different St.Johann in Austria. So take the one with TIROL !Caution! Some NAVIs send you to the town and not to the airfield. So please have a look at the map. But every guest has found us so far ..... and PLEASE - better arrive too early than too late.

What to wear and what to bring when skydiving?

Here on the spot you will get a suit, a leather cap and goggles goggles and if necessary light gloves (winter). Therefore you should bring sneakers (NO mountain boots) and comfortable leisure comfortable leisure wear. In summer you can wear shorts and a T-shirt, in winter you can winter with long pants and sweater with jacket. If you have a voucher, we need it on the spot to settle the bill. Good mood, maximum 2 - 3 hours time and family and friends are always welcome. welcome.

Eyeglass and contact lens wearers to tandem skydiving, now what?

Visual aid. Of course you should be able to see your tandem skydive optically. We have special overglasses that guarantee a secure hold and protection over your over your glasses. So no problem. Contact lenses are also good, but let your tandemmaster know, then he will let you wear your jumping goggles on for the parachute ride. If for any reason a contact lens reason a contact lens should fall out, then it is usually on the inside of the inside the goggles and can be reinserted after landing. can be put back in after landing.

Tandem skydiving all year round?

We jump DAILY and are therefore the ONLY ones in Austria who are in the air in all 4 seasons throughout the year.

Weight, height, age limits, illnesses that prevent participation in a tandem jump?

You must be at least 1 m tall to participate in the tandem skydive. We also have special harnesses for children. The weight limit for a tandem parachute jump is 95 kg, with exceptions up to 105 kg (call for details). Weight surcharge from 95 kg (higher wear and tear, higher costs and material). A tandem skydive makes sense from the age of 10, there is no upper age limit. Under 18 years - declaration of consent. In case of physical impairments - visit our page - Handicap tandem skydive above under menu SPECIALS.

Family, friends and children with you? Is there anything to eat and drink?

Family, friends, dog, kids, take them all along! With us you sit in the front row in the beer garden restaurant with a huge children's playground and children's playground and they are right there when it starts with you. A kitchen will take care of your physical well-being and invites you to celebrate after the jump.

Gift certificate to tandem skydive with you?

You do NOT need a gift certificate to book and jump with us! You can pay on the spot, transfer the money to our account or bring a voucher you have already bought. Simple and uncomplicated.

Bring a GOPRO or camera and film the tandem skydive?

Of course you are allowed to bring your own camera to the airfield and take pictures there. However, it is forbidden to take it with you in free fall and on the parachute is forbidden for safety reasons. Your tandemmaster is trained in filming and will provide you with excellent photos and video of your jump. jump. With special mount for tandem skydiving and in high quality with GOPRO`s. After your thrill through the air you will get this right away on USB as a finished movie to your home and on your request we upload it we will upload it FREE of charge to our own YOUTUBE channel to watch and share it online.

Group rates or discount if we are more people for tandem skydiving?

Discounts. Yes, we offer a discount of 10 EUR for groups of 4 or more people. on each jumper, for groups of 8 people or more please contact us under 0043(0)6765102113.

Card, EC or cash payment on site for the tandem skydive?

Yes, cash and card payment. Since you do NOT have to buy a voucher to arrange a jump date with us you also have the possibility to pay the tandem skydive on the spot. pay on the spot. You can do this either in cash, with EC or credit card. credit card. A part of the amount you can also split if you wish so and so. You can also buy gift vouchers after the jump and pay immediately.

Jumping out of the same plane with your boyfriend or partner?

Experiencing together is important. That's why you are with us as a couple in the plane or helicopter, are accompanied together and are together on the way to the top. Immediately one after the other you jump out of the same and land together, where you can fall into each other's arms after landing... Just tell us your wishes when you make an appointment with us.

Make an appointment or can I just drop by for a tandem skydive?

It is urgently necessary to make an appointment with us by PHONE, E-MAIL or via the TERMINPORTAL. At you can also get a very short notice, so one to 3 days before, an individual individual appointment on request. As a rule, we can arrange according to your wishes. Just give us a call or send us a a message.

Tipping the Tandemmaster?

Tipping is neither necessary nor expected - but it will be taken appreciated if you had a great time with him.

Getting Bad or Getting Bad?

The most common reason for getting sick is that you have either eaten or drunk too much or too little beforehand. Some passengers get a little queasy during the parachute ride, but typically never during freefall. Your tandem master can fly the parachute either MILD or WILD; just let him know.

Previous experience for a tandem skydive?

Special previous knowledge is not necessary.

Weather too bad for skydiving?

Rain and storm? Skydivers are by nature optimistic and tend to make NOT JUMPING not to depend only on the weather forecast. We do not jump in rain, low cloud cover, or high or turbulent wind speeds. turbulent wind speeds. However, we often jump in partly cloudy partly cloudy skies, which is always spectacular over the mountains. We always ask you to check in with us the afternoon or evening before your before your tandem skydiving appointment. With a high probability we know what the weather will be like the next day. If necessary we can make a new appointment if the weather is NOT suitable.