Skydiving Gift Certificate

Servus and Grüß Gott at the Air Sports Promotion Association Skydiving in St. Johann Tirol. Every year we welcome over a thousand tandem skydivers, parachutists and air sports enthusiasts to our airfield. We are nestled between South Tyrol and Bavaria in the heart of Tyrol at the Kitzbühel Alps.

We have made it a matter of the heart to inspire people from all walks of life, young and old, for our sport, to welcome them, to encourage them and to give them an insight and introduction to skydiving. We also show you the possibilities of further education and training to become a licensed skydiver, rigger, skydiving technician, etc.

In addition, we also take care of trained skydivers and support them with words and deeds. Together, with also not actively jumping club members, we organize, help and participate in public projects in many ways (e.g. Ukraine Charity, Sternstunden, work with the disabled - increasing the quality of life, promoting acceptance between people with and without disabilities).

We are looking forward to you, visit us, become a member and, or fly with us!