Current status? 19.02.2021

The entire staff, from ground personnel to pilots, is fully vaccinated.

No more "freedom of speech" ...

For us at BESTSKYDIVE TIROL, hygiene measures for tandem skydiving are not new since COVID19. Hand and face washes have already taken place regularly during daily flight operations.

- Photo: with Christina (Düsseldorf)

Everyone knows what CORONA is about, so we can save ourselves the trouble of explaining. For all of us at BESTSKYDIVE TIROL it doesn't matter what one's opinion is on the subject. The important thing is that all of us, together with our tandem skydive passengers, "don't get our wings clipped" and are allowed to take to the skies. Behavioural rules are clearly regulated and are adhered to on site at the dropzone. This allows us to conduct a regulated, daily jump operation outside of lockdown times with proper face protection. In the airplane or helicopter, the passenger and his tandem master wear appropriate protection. Tandem instructors use closed helmet systems that allow them to remove the face mask under the helmet during freefall, passenger can remove it before exit if desired.

The mask obligation also has its advantages for the customer and our boss Freddy:

without and with mask

Stay healthy - look after yourself and your loved ones.

- Your Bestskydive Team